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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

here comes the sun...do-da-do-do.

Well hey again.

I think this is the most consistantely I have blogged for a little while. There's just so much going on! And I never ever spend the time updating my Facebook anymore cause the little status box just doesn't give me quite enough room to say everything I would like to. So since a photo is worth 1,000 words I am now an addicted Instagrammer. Follow me. I'm randitherose.

Who knows if anyone really reads this, but for those of you that do. You're great. I think more than anything it's like a little therapy session for me to type out everything that's going on, and make jokes that allow me to laugh at myself. That's just good for the soul.

So as for me and Mas....

Since my last blog here is the scoop. I told you about our wonderful little apartment. Well... we are moving out. Surprise! I know. It's going to be a pain. And why would we do that. Welllll lots of different reasons. First off, we have been camping in the living room for the past two weeks because our teeny, tiny, little air conditioner only reaches one room. The living room. So our bedroom is a whopping 90 degrees most of the time... even WITH the windows open. Disadvantage of living in an apartment that is over 30 years old I suppose. Another things.... since we are running that A/C so much we are paying nearly $150 a month in electric... are you kidding me SDG&E!? PLUS our apartment is chargin us $50 a month for water, sewer, and trash. So we are paying nearly $1300 a month for an apartment that was built in 1976, doesn't have AC or a washer and dryer, has walls that are so thin that we can here the upstairs neighbors saying goodnight to each other, and windows that I swear are made of saran wrap because I can hear the neighbors sucking face at night before they go back in the house! Let's just say.... We could live somewhere a LOT nicer for that pretty little price. Promise... we have looked into it. So more news to come on our little living situation.... next time.

As far as jobs... here is a department where we are doing SO much better. Mason is still tearing it up at work and his paychecks just keep getting bigger and better! Plus he is always talking about it. Sometimes he tries to pretend that he hates the job but I can tell... he has the passion for it that he needs to be successful. So he just keeps getting better and better and happier and happier. I love a happy husband. :)

As for me... remember how I told you I was holding out for something big... I knew it was coming. Well it's coming alright... in a little teal box, with a white bow on top.

Okay. Soooo I don't have the job just yet.
But I did have a phone interview a few weeks ago for a sales associate position. The twist is that at the end of my interview and after discussing all of my management experience etc the HR lady told me she felt I would be better suited for the Assistant Sales Manager Position and encouraged me to apply for that position instead. So I accepted her offer and she sent me the proper application and the management eligibility assessment. Second interview in less than two weeks... SEPTEMBER 4TH baby! Two one on one interviews and a panel interview... And then if I get the job then it will still be a little while. It is a brand new store that they are opening in La Jolla! So I would start at a store with a brand new staff... build it from the ground up. Training would begin October 29th, they would send me to New Jersey and New York for training the first weekend in November and the store opens on November 16th! But anyways.... more news to come on that as well. Prayers please!!

Until then I did find a little part-time nannying job that is just wonderful. I watch a beautiful little boy named Jude. It's my first day today but his bright blue eyes and blonde little head of hair just make me melt. (And it is only encouraging my baby hunger.) This job ends on the 19th of October which would be perfect for the Tiffany's job. How does that happen!? What a blessing. I know God is watching out for me. And I love Him for that.

To sum it up... I just have to say. Faith, prayers, and patience make anything possible. I know it. I can see it in my life right now SO much. I seriously am in awe at all the wonderful things that are happening in my life that are small and simple, but are so so sweet. And by small and simple things, GREAT things are brought to pass. And oh-boy we are headed for GREAT things.

Until next time,

Randi j. Rose

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